“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Casabianca Project 

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Casabianca B&B

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KIKI Restaurant Turin 

Total restyling of the restaurant, the historic Japanese restaurant Kiki has been renewed in the atmosphere and decorations.

 The starting point was the precise intention on the one hand to exclude everything that trivially evokes Japan and on the other not to recreate the now consummate atmosphere of the trendy venue that focuses on design.

OBI Restaurant Alba

The OBI restaurant in Alba was the first Japanese restaurant in the Langa area.
The location was a two-level restaurant bar serving traditional local cuisine.

For the furniture and lighting, I focused on the use of iron, a choice that characterizes all my works: I designed the Sushi-Bar counter starting from a laser processing scrap that I also used as a detail of two luminous panels located in the passage between one room and the other on the lower floor, for the lighting I created large panels in raw iron illuminated on the back on which I placed in contrast the ancient Kimono silk belts called Obi, hence the choice of the name of the place.

The light throughout the room is indirect and warm, except on the Sushi-Bar illuminated by the lamps of the architect Peppino Campanella.

All the tables are in oxidized treated iron with the tops in matt black etched glass, a light box depicting a geisha of shoulders looking at a garden is like an open window in the last room, it takes away the memory of being in a basement.
In front of the Sushi-Bar, a more informal session welcomes visitors who want to eat quickly.

Andromeda recording studio 

The Andromeda recording studio of Max Casacci (Subsonica) and Dario Vestidello, is located in the Vanchiglia area, the most vibrant and creative area of Turin.
Andromeda  recording  was already a studio for many years, with a very undergrown shot, it needed a restyling that was a little conservative in the most romantic key of this adjective, which would tell a little the history of this place, made of music and of many memories linked to a previous experience, made of films and cinema of other times.
Max's father had used this studio for film editing, using now museum machinery, here is the idea of turning around a previous experience, bringing it back to life.
The space, understood as a stellar universe was the Leitmotiv, you can breathe the air of Andromeda throughout the studio, the bathroom was designed like that of a spaceship, playing with the reflection of the mirrors that simulate infinite space .

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