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Daniela Boni

Different Ornaments.

Born in Buenos Aires, live and work between London and Turin (Italy).
Working as an advertisement stage designer allowed her experiment with different materials to create ephemeral space and furnishings, an expertise later applied permanent space like private apartments and public place. The next stepses her creating small furniture objects, like lamps and mirrors, and experimenting with new techniques of wall painting.

 A slow and progressive work through which Daniela Boni developed her personal style of ambient design-elegant, essential, minimal and at the same time open to suggestion and contaminations from art and music.

Her in depth knowledge of the materials renders her an inspired and inspiring design' artisan'.

Daniela lives between London and Turin , focusing on a continuous search for fascinating shapes and alluring inspirations.

Her first collection ORIGO arise from fascination for natural world, for mineral stone energy , and woods, a special focus on woods, branches, roots, seeds sprouts and gems. Mineral are invested of important energy; they are the link between human dimension and nature.

Jewels creations are the intermediary between earthly reality and enchanted world, made of vibrating energy. The extreme high tactility of these sculptural adornments is connected to a desire to represent natural surfaces.

Every jewel is an exclusive tale of a complex and articulated world. Each jewel is hand-crafted and is a unique and unrepeatable object gifted with strength and energy.


ORIGO the basic principle for which something originates, the beginning of life, the start of the Universe, the Source. Origin is the leitmotif of the whole Collection, inspired from Mother Nature’s most intense and essential form. In this representation trees’s cortex turns into leather, the gems into buds , sprouts and shoots, tangled roots, to adorn, praising powerful Mother Earth.


In the beginning it was Metal, shaped in basic cellular forms such as the Circle, the Egg, representing life and its cycles. Moving backwards through Material and thus reaching the principle of it, Metal gets back to Mineral, to Stardust same ingredient Man is made of. 


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